Remodeling and Construction Debris Removal Scottsdale

 If you need remodeling debris removal in Scottsdale or the East Valley, give the professionals at Code 3 Junk Removal a call and we can make it disappear.  We are a local firefighter owned and operated junk removal company based out of Chandler AZ.  We are fully licensed and insured and take pride in our dependability and professionalism.  Give us a try and you will see that we take pride in our work.  

Reasons to choose Code 3 Junk Removal:

*We are a husband and wife based business out of Chandler Arizona.

*All team members are background checked and drug tested annually.

*All employees are either firefighters or aspiring firefighters.

*We offer competitive rates at a fair price.

*Code 3 is reliable and offers excellent customer service from beginning to end.

*We under promise and over deliver.

* We’re here to help, give us a call we will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. 

Again, if remodeling debris is taking up your space and you need it disappear…give us a call at 480-431-0685.  Let the experts at Code 3 Junk Removal do all the heavy lifting.

 We offer volume based pricing, which means the customer is only charged for how much space that their the items take up in our truck.   We start out at 95 dollars for a 1 item pickup such as a refrigerator or couch all the way to a full load rate of 495, with multiple price points in between.  We also offer Hot tub removal, Shed tear down and Pool Fence Removal.  we will send 1-3 fully licensed and insured team members to perform the labor and we handle all disposal fees.  Give us a call and see for yourself!!!   

You can order a dumpster and fill it yourself and have it sitting in your driveway for up to a week.  You will likely find that neighbors and people passing through will throw all sorts of items (and who knows what else) in the bin or you can call us and point.  After you point to items that you want to disappear our team of professionals will remove the items quickly and efficiently.  We do the labor, pay the disposal fees and take the items to the proper facility, whether it be a donation center, recycling center or a transfer station.

We have many 5 star reviews on Google. Here is what Maryann in Sun Lakes had to say… “Great customer service. Answered the phone immediately, set up a time within a week, showed up on time, very nice, efficient, did what they said they would do for the price quoted. It doesnt get much better than that.  Felt the price was quite reasonable”

Remember, when you see lights and sirens, Merge to right, Cuz Code 3 Junk Removal will be COMING IN HOT!!!

If you need remodeling debris removed in ScottsdaleTempeMesa or the East Valley give us a call.

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About Code 3 Junk Removal

If you need to get rid of unwanted clutter or junk, you’ve come to the right place. Code 3 Junk Removal will clean out and haul away your unwanted junk or trash, no matter how big or small. We also do light demolition (like sheds, hot tubs, and play structures) and then clean up and haul away the mess.

We are a local business, firefighter-owned, and trusted in the community for our quick response and our reliable service. Many businesses claim to have great customer service, but we really do. Take just a moment to meet us and learn a little more about us.

We provide a full-range of junk removal services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area with a special focus on the East Valley.

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Our Services

Whether it’s a room full of junk, a shed that needs to be torn down, or some construction debris – we can take it out and haul it all away quickly and at a competitive price. Code 3 Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured service provider. Check out our full menu of junk removal services.

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