Fall Cleaning

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               Traditionally, spring cleaning is what it is all about.  Windows, blinds, power washing, purging.  The list goes on and on but as time has gone on, Fall Cleaning has become more popular.  Sure, you have the group that does both, but for some reason purging and cleaning in the fall has become more popular with us.  There is something to be said about having everything sparkling clean and purged going into the holiday season.  Fall to us signals games, family time and holiday celebrations.  In order to be ready for this, fall cleaning must take place early fall. 

               Purging – every fall we go through our holiday décor and decide what will stay and what is broken or needs to go.  We also evaluate and clear out space for holiday gifts that will be coming especially in the kids areas of the home.  Out with the old, in with the new.  We try to recycle or donate what we can.  Purging kids closets as the school year and fall season hits means clearing out all the items they have out grown.  Purging takes time, but feels so good once it is done.  Once you have purged, depending what items and how much you are getting rid of, it might be time for you to call for help.  Code 3 Junk Removal loads and hauls off your unwanted items.  We charge based upon volume so the price varies depending on what you have to get rid of. 

               Cleaning – deep cleaning and preparing the china and special silverware that will be used throughout the holiday season is important to get done early.   Doing these items early eliminates last minute stress when you want to be carefree and focused on the time your have with family and friends.  If you will be hosting, it is important to have ceiling fans cleaned, lightbulbs replaced, glassware ready along with baseboards wiped down, nail holes filled in and painted over, etc.  The list goes on and on.  Deep cleaning feels so good once it is complete but it is a lot of work.  Some cleaning projects might be better to have professionals come and do.  For instance, window washing.  This takes a lot of time and patience with removing the screens and then washing inside and outside.  It is a great feeling once it is complete.

               Small Home Projects – this is another area where you want everything ready heading into the late fall, holiday season.  Having small home projects wrapped up before the holiday season makes you feel less pressure leading into the holidays.  As with deep cleaning and purging, you have to evaluate whether you are capable and have the time to complete these projects yourself or if you are better off hiring professionals to complete some of the jobs for you. 

               Fall is an exciting time of year as the leaves are changing and cooler weather is upon us.  Plan early to complete your fall cleaning and purging.  Call Code 3 Junk Removal once you are ready to have your unwanted items hauled away. 

               Call Code 3 Junk Removal today 480-431-0685

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