How To Get Rid of Old Furniture Chandler

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How to Get Rid of Old Furniture Chandler

New Furniture brings lots of excitement!  Fresh, clean and a new look for your space but then the reality sets in – you must find something to do with your old furniture.  There are various options available with hour to get rid of old furniture in Chandler, AZ. 

Option One – donate the items to a local donation center.  We have found that many donation centers are pickier with what they will take since covid so you will want to be sure to check with them prior to hauling the items to the donation center.  It can be very frustrating to go to the trouble of loading the items up only to find out your local donation center does not accept them.

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How To Get Rid of Old Furniture in Chandler

Option Two – Give them away – a lot of college students or friends or relatives can utilize gently used furniture.  This is a great option if you have a way to transport the items and “gift” them to the next person.  Always great to be able to help others and keep the items out of the landfill.  However, if the items have seen better days and are in bad condition or broken then this will not be an option.

Option Three – Sell them on a resale site.  Just be careful as you always want to do this safely.  We always recommend trying to have the items outside or in an exterior area so that random people do not have to come inside your home to view the items.  When listing on resale sites always try to be as specific and honest as possible about dimensions and the conditions so no one gets upset coming to see an item that they think is in better condition than it really is.

Option Four – Load the items up and drive them to the landfill.  At most city landfills you will need to provide proof of your residence but then you can proceed to dump the items.  You will want to check with your local city to see what the procedure and cost (if any) is to be able to dump the items.  This does require some patience to wait in line to dump and you just need to make sure you have a way to safely transport the items and load/unload them.  If using a pickup truck bed make sure you have the items strapped down well so that nothing goes falling out on the way to the landfill.  Safety always needs to be the top priority. 

Option Five – Call a Junk Removal Company – this is what Code 3 Junk Removal does!  Our crew members show up in a dump truck and they do the lifting and loading for you.  We donate when possible but we do charge regardless of what we are able to do with the items.  Since we are paying the disposal fee you can rest assured that we do our best to keep items out of the landfill.  If we can find a “new home” for the items we definitely will.  We donate to the local donation centers, thrift stores and even at times to the local fire stations or families of the firefighters.  Our last resort is taking the items to the landfill or transfer stations and disposing of them properly. 

Code 3 Junk Removal is based in Chandler.  Chandler is our home and very special to us.  We do our best to serve our community well and provide a safe, efficient option for removing old furniture in Chandler.  We work hard to schedule Chandler residents quickly at a date and time that works well for everyone.  Call today if you are in need of old furniture removal in Chandler!

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