Cardboard Box Removal Chandler

Cardboard Box Pickup and Removal Chandler

Do you need Cardboard Box Removal in Chandler Arizona? Have you recently moved into a new home or apartment and have an overwhelming number of cardboard boxes? Or you own a commercial business and need cardboard removed at a fair rate?

If so, you have landed in the right place. Code 3 Junk Removal is a locally owned firefighter based business out of Chandler Arizona. For immediate assistance you can call or text us at 480-431-0585. We offer Cardboard Removal and Commercial and Residential Junk Removal for Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale, Ahwatukee, Fountain Hills and Phoenix.

Firefighter Owned Junk Removal Company
We Are A Locally Owned Firefighter Based Company Out Of Chandler Arizona.

-On the day of service, we dispatch a 2-3 person crew to your home or business.

-The team arrives in our mini dump trucks ready to haul away your unwanted items.

-They will greet you and provide you with a rack card of all of our services.

-You will show them the items to be removed

-Our team will do the lifting and loading.

_Once they have completed the job, you simply settle up via Cash, Check or Credit Card.

Hot Tub Removal

Pool Fence Removal

Shed Tear Down

Gazebo Removal

Trampoline Removal

Office Clean Out

Play Structure Removal

Whole House Clean Out

Office Clean Out

Storage Unit Clean Out

Check Out A Video of The Services Offered By Code 3 Junk Removal

Our pricing is based on Volume. This means that we charge you for the amount of space that your items take up in our dump truck. We offer a quarter, half, three quarter, and a full load rate. You can also text us pictures and we can provide you with an idea of which range you will fall into. Call today at 480-431-0685 and see what Code 3 Junk Removal can do for you!

Code 3 Junk Removal will pickup and dispose of your unwanted cardboard boxes, but we also perform a lot of other services that you may not be aware of. Click HERE to visit our main page and see what Code 3 Junk Removal can do for you.

While cardboard boxes are typically not donatable items. Code 3 Junk Removal tries to donate upto 50 percent of all items acquired on junk removal jobs. There are some requirements, however. The items need to be in acceptable condition and not be ripped, torn or stained. Below we have comprised a list of Donation Centers in Chandler

 1.    Goodwill: Goodwill operates several locations in and around Chandler. Goodwill has experienced a ton of growth in the last several years and are not hard to find. Google Goodwill in Chandler Az for the nearest location.

      2.    Salvation Army: The Salvation Army has branches in Chandler and throughout the East Valley where they accept all sorts of donations. You can check their website or contact them directly for the nearest donation center.

      3.    Habitat for Humanity ReStore: Habitat for Humanity has ReStore locations in Chandler where they accept donations. Check their website for specific locations and donation guidelines.

      4.   St. Vincent de Paul: St. Vincent de Paul is another charitable organization that operates in Chandler and throughout Phoenix and accepts a wide variety of donations. They provide assistance to individuals and families in need and are an all around great option. Check their website for number and availability.

      5.    Local Thrift Stores and Charities: There are many local thrift stores and charitable organizations in Chandler that accept donations and a wide variety of toys to household items. Many churches, shelters, and community centers also welcome donations for those in need.

Code 3 Junk Removal Offers Cardboard Box Pickup and Removal for Chandler.

Mission Statement: “Promote Lifelong Improvement, While Providing Solutions For Our Customers.”

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About Code 3 Junk Removal

If you need to get rid of unwanted clutter or junk, you’ve come to the right place. Code 3 Junk Removal will clean out and haul away your unwanted junk or trash, no matter how big or small. We also do light demolition (like sheds, hot tubs, and play structures) and then clean up and haul away the mess.

We are a local business, firefighter-owned, and trusted in the community for our quick response and our reliable service. Many businesses claim to have great customer service, but we really do. Take just a moment to meet us and learn a little more about us.

We provide a full-range of junk removal services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area with a special focus on the East Valley.

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Whether it’s a room full of junk, a shed that needs to be torn down, or some construction debris – we can take it out and haul it all away quickly and at a competitive price. Code 3 Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured service provider. Check out our full menu of junk removal services.

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