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Garage Cleanouts

Garage Cleanouts

Garage Cleanouts

Can you park your car in the garage?  Does your garage feel overwhelming due to an excess amount of stuff?  Have too many items or so much clutter that you can hardly walk or navigate your way through?  This is more common than you think!  If you are feeling overwhelmed call Code 3 Junk Removal to relieve some stress and make your garage frustrations disappear!

Garage cleanouts are one of our favorite cleanouts to do.  It is usally easy for the customer to show us exactly what needs removed and we are outside in the garage not disturbing anyone inside the home.  Our garage is very important to us so we understand why yours would be for you.  No matter if it is an entire garage cleanout or if you have just moved items from the house to garage to be cleaned out, we can help.  It is amazing how happy customers are once the extra clutter is gone and they can properly utilize their garage space again.  


Code 3 Junk Removal:

Locally Owned - We are a firefighter owner & operated local business operating out of the East Valley.  When you give us a call - we actually answer the phone!

Trustworthy - Firefighters are trusted community members.  Code 3 Junk Removal can certainly be trusted to remove your unwanted junk.  

Highly reviewed - In just a short period of time Code 3 Junk Removal has acquired over 20 5 star reviews on google.

Insured - We are a fully licensed and insured service provider.

Affordable - Code 3 Junk Removal is competitively priced.  We are not as expensive as a franchise.  Our prices are fair and competitive.  

Recycling - Code 3 Junk Removal tries to recycle as many items as possible.  We try to keep items out of the landfill whenever possible.

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