The Cost of Junk Removal

The most commonly asked question in junk removal is almost always related to pricing. For a junk removal business owner, this can be a difficult question to answer over the phone, simply because every job is different. However, there are a few main factors that determine junk removal prices. The main factors in determining prices are volume of junk or trash, onsite estimates, and the disposal costs of unwanted items.

The majority of junk removal companies use volume based pricing. This means that companies charge the customer based upon how much space the unwanted items take up in the junk removal vehicle. Here at Code 3 Junk Removal our trucks are 17 cubic yards, which is two cubic yards bigger than the national franchise average. 17 cubic yards is about the size of 8 pickup truck beds, which equates to a lot of unwanted items. Junk removal companies do all the heavy lifting, all you need to do is point and we make your unwanted items disappear.

According to “On average, junk removal costs $70 dollars to 570 with most homeowners spending between $150 and $350. A single family home will pay on average $210 for junk removal while a business will spend around $500.”

Onsite estimates are also an integral part of the junk removal business. Since every job is different and can vary immensely in terms of bulk and volume of debris, onsite estimates are a necessity, especially for bigger jobs. An option for the customer is to have the junk removal company come onsite and do a free no obligation quote so that the customer will know exactly what the charges will be at the completion of the job. At the completion of the quote, Code 3 Junk Removal can get started immediately, pending that the customer give us the go ahead. Another option related to pricing is to have the customer email or text photos of all items to be removed and then a “soft” estimate can be given.  A soft estimate is not a quote, it is simply a ball park price for the items listed in the pictures.  A final hard quote is given once the junk removal company is on scene and can see all items that need to be removed

Customers are sometimes surprised at the cost of junk removal. I like to explain to customers that the prices at Code 3 Junk Removal are very competitively priced. We are not as inflated as some of the corporate franchises that have to pay franchise fees, but we are not the company that is dumping illegally or is not licensed and insured. We take pride in doing things the right way, which means donating items whenever possible, recycling as much as we can and ultimately getting junk or trash to the appropriate facility. A big portion of a junk removal company’s income goes to paying the transfer station or the dump so that we can get rid of your unwanted items appropriately. So remember, if you see lights and sirens, merge to the right, cuz Code 3 Junk Removal will be COMING IN HOT!!!

About Code 3 Junk Removal

If you need to get rid of unwanted clutter or junk, you’ve come to the right place. Code 3 Junk Removal will clean out and haul away your unwanted junk or trash, no matter how big or small. We also do light demolition (like sheds, hot tubs, and play structures) and then clean up and haul away the mess.

We are a local business, firefighter-owned, and trusted in the community for our quick response and our reliable service. Many businesses claim to have great customer service, but we really do. Take just a moment to meet us and learn a little more about us.

We provide a full-range of junk removal services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area with a special focus on the East Valley.

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Whether it’s a room full of junk, a shed that needs to be torn down, or some construction debris – we can take it out and haul it all away quickly and at a competitive price. Code 3 Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured service provider. Check out our full menu of junk removal services.

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