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Shed Tear Down/Play Structure Removal

Shed Tear Down/Play Structure Removal

Sheds or yard barns are an asset to our homes and businesses until the Arizona summers and the rain from the monsoons start to wear on these structures.  Other times we know that you just need extra space to use for other things.  No matter what the reason, at Code 3 Junk Removal, demolition and hauling, our trained professionals have all the tools to make your dilapidated shed disappear quickly and efficiently.  Call Code 3 Junk Removal today to remove your shed or yard barn.

If your shed tear down is too much to take on yourself, call our professionals today.  We are ready to tear down and haul off your old shed in a timely manner.  


Code 3 Junk Removal:

Locally Owned - We are a firefighter owner & operated local business operating out of the East Valley.  When you give us a call - we actually answer the phone!

Trustworthy - Firefighters are trusted community members.  Code 3 Junk Removal can certainly be trusted to remove your unwanted junk.  

Highly reviewed - In just a short period of time Code 3 Junk Removal has acquired over 20 5 star reviews on google.

Insured - We are a fully licensed and insured service provider.

Affordable - Code 3 Junk Removal is competitively priced.  We are not as expensive as a franchise.  Our prices are fair and competitive.  

Recycling - Code 3 Junk Removal tries to recycle as many items as possible.  We try to keep items out of the landfill whenever possible.

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