House Clean Out Goodyear

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House Clean Out Goodyear

Looking for a house clean out or property estate clean out in Goodyear Arizona?  If so, Code 3 Junk Removal could be the answer you’re looking for. If your home looks like a storage unit full of items that you no longer use or if you have cardboard stacked to the ceiling from the holidays or if you have random junk just lying on the side of your house…It’s time to call the extrication specialists at Code 3 Junk Removal. Maybe you’re selling your home or moving into assisted living, at any rate, we can help with all of these problems.

Estate and house clean outs in Goodyear.
We offer estate clean outs , whole house clean outs as well as garage clean outs.

What To Do Next?

A Portion Of The Proceeds Benefit The 100 Club.
We Donate Whenever Possible.

  If you’re unable to handle a home clean out or estate clean out in Goodyear, you can simply give us a call or text us at 480-431-0685. You can also email us if you prefer at One of our friendly representatives will likely answer the phone and cover how the process works, go over pricing and scheduling and answer any questions that you might have.  If you’re comfortable then we will pick a time that works and put you into our system.  On the day that the work is to be performed we will dispatch a 2-4 person team and bring 1-2 trucks to perform your estate clean out in Goodyear. Once the job is completed you can pay our team members on site via cash, check or credit card.  If you are unable to be onsite we can text video or photos of the property and pay via credit card over the phone before the crew leaves the property.

Why Choose Code 3 For Your House Clean Out In Goodyear?

  Well for starters, Code 3 Junk Removal is firefighter based company.  Every one of our team members is either a firefighter or an aspiring firefighter.  This Is very important because our customers can be assured that we are sending honest, trustworthy people into your home or place of business.  All of our team members are drug tested, licensed and insured and well trained. We are building leaders that will one day be leaving junk removal and moving into positions within our communities fulfilling more important and live saving roles. We also do our best to donate and recycle whenever possible. We take your used or gently worn items to donation centers such as the Salvation Army, Saint Vincent De Paul or a local Goodwill.

Mission Statement – “Promoting Lifelong Improvement, While Providing Solutions For Our Customers.”

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A Portion Of The Proceeds Benefit The 100 Club.

Why We Donate

Code 3 Junk Removal believes in helping others. When I started this business one of the things that I wanted to do was to give back to our community.  A portion of all Code 3 Junk Removal proceeds go to the Phoenix 100 Club. The Phoenix 100 Club is a wonderful organization that provides financial assistance to families of first responders […]

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About Code 3 Junk Removal

If you need to get rid of unwanted clutter or junk, you’ve come to the right place. Code 3 Junk Removal will clean out and haul away your unwanted junk or trash, no matter how big or small. We also do light demolition (like sheds, hot tubs, and play structures) and then clean up and haul away the mess.

We are a local business, firefighter-owned, and trusted in the community for our quick response and our reliable service. Many businesses claim to have great customer service, but we really do. Take just a moment to meet us and learn a little more about us.

We provide a full-range of junk removal services for residential and commercial customers in the Greater Phoenix Arizona area with a special focus on the East Valley.

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Our Services

Whether it’s a room full of junk, a shed that needs to be torn down, or some construction debris – we can take it out and haul it all away quickly and at a competitive price. Code 3 Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured service provider. Check out our full menu of junk removal services.

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