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Hot Tub Removal

Hot Tub Removal

Part of a firefighter's job is extrication.  The professionals at Code 3 Junk Removal can also extricate your hot tub right off your property.  We are experienced at cutting up cars, kicking in doors, cutting bars off windows and yes, cutting up and removing hot tubs and jacuzzi's.  We have the tools and the knowledge to get that broken eye sore off your property, so give us a call and we will do all the heavy lifting.

Hot tubs are fabulous when they are working properly and in use but once they aren't they are a huge burden.  We know this from first hand use!  In our beautiful Arizona weather they can be enjoyed most of the year but if yours is broken or needs to go please give us a call and we will tear it down and remove it for you.  

Removing a hot tub is a diffucult and labor intensive job. After reaching out to code 3 junk removal  drain any remaining water that still remains in the unit by attaching a hose to the drain at the bottom.  Also, cut the power from the unit to the house and code 3 will take care of the rest.

Code 3 Junk Removal is competitively priced for hot tub removals.  We have standard pricing for a typical above ground hot tub.  We do remove in ground ones as well but would need to see pictures or come onsite for a no obligation estimate to give you a price for those.  Code 3 Junk Removal has no problem doing the concrete demo and removal around the hot tub if necessary but this needs to be discussed when calling to schedule so our professionals can show up prepared and complete the job efficiently for you.

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