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Foreclosed Home Cleanout

Foreclosed Home Cleanout

When a person forecloses on a home, it is not a good situation for any party involved.   If you have a home that is full of items such as junk, or trash give us a call at Code 3 Junk Removal.  The professionals at Code 3  Junk Removal will provide you with a quick, free, no obligation quote that will be fair and competitively priced.  Its is always an option to rent a dumpster, but for basically the same price, you can call us we will do all of the heavy lifting.   Then, you will not have the stress of cleaning up the property and the price will be comparable. 

If the quote is accepted at the agreed upon price, we will begin removing items so that the home can later be cleaned and ultimately placed on the market.   You can be assured that upon completion, the home will be free of all junk and debris, as we go the extra mile at Code 3 Junk Removal.  If requested we can also perform carpet removal, hot tub removal, shed tear down or trampoline removal.  

 Call Code 3 Junk Removal today at 480-431-0685 and we will meet with you to see what services you would like performed.  We work with Realtors, Builders and Property Managers to service a variety of homes in various locations throughout the valley.

Code 3 Junk Removal is a firefighter owned, local business.  We take pride in our communities, whether we're on a fire truck or a junk removal truck, You have a first responder guarantee that you're items will be disposed of properly.  We donate what we can, recycle when possible,  and make sure that all junk or trash makes it to a transfer station, or local dump.  So remember, when you see lights or sirens, merge to the right, cuz Code 3 Junk Removal will be COMING IN HOT!!!